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December 2018

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Corinphila Zurich

Altschweiz Collection of Jack Luder

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David Feldman Geneva


David Feldman Geneva

The Joseph Chalhoub Collection of Egypt


Robert A Siegel

Worldwide Stamps and Postal History

Robert A Siegel

Panama 1777 to 1881

David Feldman Geneva

Great Britain and British Empire
Including the Koi Collection of the Bechuanalands

Warwick and Warwick

Sale No 851

David Feldman

Indian Princely States
A selection from the Dan Walker Collection

David Feldman Geneva

All World and Collections
Including France and Switzerland

Cavendish Auctions Derby


6 7

Maison Williame

Auction 258 Congo


Sale No 80


Maison Williame

Auction 259

La Maison Williame

Auction 260

9 10

Interasia Hong Kong

The First Customs Issue of China 1878 to 1885 Large Dragons
The Jane and Dan Sten Olsson Collection

Interasia Hong Kong

The Stamps and Postal History of the Peoples Republic of China


Interasia Hong Kong

China and Other Asian Countries

Interasia Hong Kong

Hong Kong and Treaty Ports

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